2023 Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas to Boost Productivity

You might not think about it much, but the color of an office has a substantial impact. Sure, it affects the office’s appearance greatly. However, it does something more than that; it affects employee productivity.Request A Free Consultation

In other words, some colors are better for productivity than others. Wondering what these are? Then keep on reading.

Without further ado, here are 2023’s best commercial office paint color ideas for increased productivity.

Understand What Each Color Brings to the Table

First and foremost, you must gain an understanding of what each color brings to the table. Every color evokes different feelings in human beings and can be used to either inspire or turn off a person’s productive instincts. Let’s review some of the most common colors below. This should help you decide which colors work best for your office.


Blue tends to evoke a feeling of energy in human beings. It’s mentally stimulating and therefore tends to result in increased productivity. It doesn’t matter the shade either; whether it’s navy blue, powder blue, or something in between, it will serve your office well.


Yellow tends to be associated with happiness. It’s often found to inspire human beings, and, in some cases, can even bring their emotions to the surface. This makes it a solid option for offices in creative industries.


Red has an aggressive feel to it. It’s often used to evoke a feeling of urgency. As such, it’s commonly used in medical centers, fire departments, and the like.


Green is generally regarded as a calming and balanced color. It evokes positivity, though it doesn’t necessarily bring out a sense of energy. While it’s not quite as neutral as a white or a gray, it’s still, more or less, neutralizing.


Gray is typically thought of as a dreary color. When it’s dark, this is undoubtedly the case. However, light grays can be used in tandem with brighter colors to produce a sense of balance.

And when compared to standard white, gray at least brings something to the table. It’s not totally uninspiring.


White feels sterile and cold. It’s commonly used in hospitals. Hospitals, of course, are sterile and cold.

In short, it’s not the most inspiring color around. So, if your goal is to improve productivity, it’s probably not the best color to go with.


Brown carries a connotation of power and strength. That said, too much brown can feel overwhelming. As such, it’s best paired with other colors, be they white, gray, or even blue.


Purple has a delicate softness about it. It is a fairly calming color overall. Whereas lighter shades of purple can help to spur productivity, darker shades of purple can overwhelm the mind.


Orange is typically regarded as an intense color. It is, after all, the color of fire. While it can inspire an energetic feeling, it can also inspire a feeling of stress, something that’s not typically great for productivity.


Black is dark and doomy. It has its place but is not a great option for inspiring productivity.


Standard white is not great for inspiring productivity. As such, it should, more or less, be avoided. Off-white, on the other hand, isn’t a bad option. It possesses a calmness and warmth, and pairs terrifically with other inspiring colors.

Keep the Color Scheme Simple

Regardless of what colors you use for your office, you need to be sure to keep the color scheme simple. Not only should you use only a small number of colors, but you should be sure to use them in a basic and straightforward way. In other words, this is no time to do an art project.

Complex paint designs certainly have their place. However, they also tend to overwhelm the human mind. As such, they tend to have a negative effect on productivity in the workplace.

We recommend using no more than two colors in your color scheme. One of these should be a primary color that comprises most of your office’s decor. The other should be an accent color for trim and other small entities.

If you need help choosing appropriate colors for your color scheme, ask your local painting company. They’ve painted countless office interiors and will know exactly how to handle the color selection process.

Consider Your Industry

Our last tip is to consider your industry. Just because one office uses a specific color doesn’t mean that yours should. The nature of your industry should factor into the color that you use.

Let’s say that your office is for a stock trading company. If so, you might want to use red as it will signal urgency.

Your office may be for a financial advising company. If so, green might work well, as it’s the color of money.

Is your office for a tech company? If so, it’s probably best to maintain a laid-back atmosphere. Blue or yellow would work well.

Consider the type of work that your employees are doing and then choose a color that accommodates them. It’s as simple as that.Request A Free Consultation

Looking to Put These Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas Into Action?

And there they are, the top commercial office paint color ideas to boost productivity. Looking to make one of these ideas a reality? If so, and if you need office painting services in Colorado Springs, we here at Tecc Painting are the ones to see.

We’re well-versed in the process of office painting, having painted countless commercial buildings throughout the Colorado Springs area. Regardless of the color that you’re looking for, we can accommodate you.

Contact us today to get the process started!

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