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When it comes to business, visual appearance and aesthetics have a considerable impact when customers choose where to buy the services or goods they need. This also perceives the reliability and the seriousness of a business.

Recoating will also attract more customers to your business. Visual appearance plays a huge impact because it is crucial to customers’ insight into quality and decision-making when purchasing.

An occupied building requires constant painting maintenance in accordance with the occupants’ request. Interested in our occupied repaint Colorado Springs services? Contact Us!




Older commercial buildings earlier to 1978 might still have lead in the paint. Thus, it is considered a health risk. This structure needs special care and attention to eliminate toxic lead paint hazards. You’ll need an experienced and certified painting contractor in lead paint removal to do the job.

The authorities must conduct an occupied building risk assessment to ensure that the building you are leasing follows the regulatory guidelines.


Paint is not only for visual purposes; keeping your building painted will extend its lifespan. In addition, protecting exterior siding and trim painted can safeguard and seal them from any destruction caused by moisture, mold, insect manifestation, and weather.


Who would want to work in a building that’s colorless, dirty, paint peeling, or painted a light color? This will not promote a conducive work environment that will lead to nonproductive employees or unmotivated people.

A fresh coat of paint with great handpicked colors can go a long way in energizing the workplace. Happy employees will significantly impact your customers, and it will benefit your business.


Do you believe that first impressions in business are important? Making a strong first glance will help you create customer relationships if this happens! It will lead to more sales!

Even if you’re not in the business of getting paying customers, you have a reputation to sustain. So people who pass by should be pleased when they walk or drive past your building.


Repainting your building can preserve its market value. An adequately maintained infrastructure is worth more on the market than one that has fallen into disrepair which would look like your business is not credible.

If you also plan to sell your office building, it is necessary to have it painted to get the top dollar. In addition, you will retain and attract more tenants if you lease space by keeping it in good repair.

Regardless of the repainting cost, repainting will determine the value of your business along the way.



Repainting is essential to your business, so choose the best construction painting pros to do the job for you. We are happy to help you. Local businesses have turned to TECC Painting Colorado Springs for more than 40 years! Our painters have extensive training. We will bring joy, pride, and peace of mind.

Over the last few years, TECC Painting has assessed and completed painting services for Colorado’s residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

With the company’s resources and team’s knowledge, we demonstrate a reliable service that you can trust. Along our painting process, we assure building occupants and everyone’s safety.

We are committed to providing quality work, including expert advice, free estimates, and installation. Searching for the best painters in Colorado Springs? Contact Us Today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors to consider while doing office building painting. It would be beneficial to you as an owner to paint the outside of your business building every 8-12 years, depending on how the paint weathers over time.

The exterior of the building is important for attracting clients and protecting it from rust, damage, and natural weathering. When it refers to painting the interior of your occupied office space, it all relies on the sort of work being done there, the volume of traffic, and the look you want to achieve.

The color palette of a workplace affects the ambiance and people’s moods. A hue that is too bright may be unpleasant to workers, while a plain shade could be too muted and uninteresting for the company’s image. Our color consultant will assess the room and suggest colors that look best in it.
We paint most of our occupied building projects during business hours. These days paint dries quickly and do not emit a strong odor. With proper planning and preparation, most painting may be completed during normal office hours. A skilled team of painters can paint unoccupied offices with minimal client disturbance.

There are obstacles, such as painting crowded cafeterias and dressing rooms. The restrooms and stairwells can be scheduled to be painted separately. While most of the painting work may be finished during the day, it is preferable to do some busy tasks in the evening.

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