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Commercial Roof Coating In Colorado Springs

Roof coating enhances the overall performance and durability of your building’s entire roof. Roof coatings are sprayed or applied directly on the surface of your existing roof; no need for roofing replacement. And thanks to its self-adhering properties, the new coating will protect your commercial building from leaks.

Most commercial roof coatings are reflective, which means they do not absorb the sun’s energy but instead reflect it into the atmosphere. This cost-effective and energy-saving work will leave you with a low-maintenance structure.

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Types Of Roof Coatings

Roof coating adds a layer of protection applied to an already built roof to extend its life. While there are many different types of commercial roof coatings, we should consider the material, costs, and quality.

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Acrylic coatings are water-based. These are commonly sold in white, tan, and gray. This commercial roof coating is ideal for high UV areas that require a reflecting roof. Commercial roofing contractors can apply specialized acrylic roof coatings to certain surfaces due to the efforts of companies developing them.

Polyurethane Coatings

Solvent-based polyurethane coatings have good mechanical qualities, excellent abrasion resistance, and tensile strength. These are perfect for hail-prone areas and places where the ground is subjected to heavy foot traffic. Polyurethane Coatings are best for the metal roof of commercial buildings.

Silicone Coatings

Because silicone roof coatings reflect the sun’s rays, they are highly effective for high-UV settings. A silicone roof coating is also recommended in locations where it rains often, and the roofs are frequently wet and ponding water.

Benefits Of Commercial Roof Coatings

The following roof coating advantages are frequently a high focus for commercial property owners:

Seamless Weatherproofing System

Roof Coating Systems are monolithic membranes applied across the entire roof to completely weatherproof it. When sprayed, the coating melts together, leaving no seams or patches around those difficult-to-reach locations.


Roof coatings are sprayed directly on top of your existing roof, saving time and money because they are not as labor-intensive as installing a new roof. Many building owners want to save money by choosing a new roof coating than replacing the commercial roof.


These systems are renewable, ensuring that they have exceptional waterproofing properties. This means fewer repairs are needed throughout its lifespan.


Highly reflective top coatings protect your roofing from the sun’s rays. It also creates a cooler, more comfortable interior climate with less air conditioning, saving your energy costs.

Roof Coating Commonly Asked Questions

How much does roof coating cost?

Roof coating costs differ, and it ultimately depends on the condition of your roof, the coating type you choose, and the roofing material. We may charge more per square foot if an extensive work process is required. For more cost-related questions, you can call us directly. We will provide a free estimate and discuss the coating job you need.

How long will roof coating last?

The average lifespan of roof coatings varies depending on the thickness and quality of the roof coating applied. Many coatings have manufacturing warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, depending on the roof coating system for which they are specifically designed. You can ask the roofing contractors about the coating as well as the maintenance needed.

Which coating is best for your roof?

Not all roofs are made using the same materials. Before deciding which roof coating to install in your roof system, our experts will need to check your roof. Most of these coating types can be applied to existing and new roofs.

The type of roof being coated is an important consideration in selecting a suitable roof coating, but you’ll also need to consider the functional and aesthetic concerns of the building.

Commercial Roofing Coating Contractors For Colorado Springs Native

The most robust buildings can develop gabs in and around doors, windows, pipes, and roof lines. It is due to sun exposure and other elements.

However, as long as our services include a wide range of commercial facades, such as applying special roof coatings, we are ready for any of your condominium complex, apartment building, general office, or restaurant needs.

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