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Your Ultimate Guide to Hiring Professional Painters

Professional painters are good at what they do, and they do it well.

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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Time is of the essence.

Would you rather spend your weekend stuck in the main suite with nothing but a ladder and a gallon of paint as your company?

Unless the painting project only comprises one interior room and you do not plan to incorporate any special features like two-tones, stripes, angles, or artificial finishes, you may do it in a reasonable length of time by yourself. First, calculate how much time you will spend doing the prep work, such as scraping the walls, patching holes, and sealing off sections that will not be coated.

For exterior painting, time is a substantially bigger factor to consider. While the length of time required varies depending on the size and architectural intricacy of the property, it is a significantly more difficult process than interior painting. Professional painters often clear flaking paint, prepare the outer surfaces, replace rotten boards, caulk where appropriate, and use tape and covers to safeguard doors, windows, and hardware. In some circumstances, such as new construction and sanded exteriors, adding a primer may be required.

Take safety to the next level.

Safety is a top priority with TECC Painting!

Whether painting inside or outside, a ladder is considered essential equipment. If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder or are physically unable to do so, we strongly advise you to hire a professional painter. A modest investment is essential to minimize risks and discomfort.

Our professional painting services also have safety benefits you may not have considered: specific types of paint are mold-resistant and therefore better geared to use in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, professionals recognize which kind of paint is most effective.

Step your game up in aesthetics.

One of the most tangible benefits of interior and exterior painting is its additional aesthetic value.

With a fresh coat of paint, you can easily revamp a room or a house.

That new coat of paint may make your home more appealing to others and help you feel better. If you have plans to sell your property, you may also opt to paint the exterior to add curb appeal while the interior is painted to offer points of interest.

Treat your property as a long-term investment.

Even if you are not going to sell your property, professional painting has economic advantages.

A fresh coat of the right paint will sustain the wood and mitigate the aging process.

Weather, smoke, and other external conditions contribute to the deterioration of interior and exterior walls. Fresh paint acts as a barrier against degradation, protecting you from the expenditures of repairing deck boards, stucco sidings, and drywall. Furthermore, paint can help avoid mold damage and all associated costs.

What To Know Before Hiring Professional Painters

Major business or home improvement services need prior preparation and experience.

Fortunately, expert services from professional painters in Colorado Springs are available to paint your residential and commercial properties quickly and efficiently. When looking for the best painter for your project, there are several key things to know and keep in mind before hiring locally owned painting contractors.

Here is a short breakdown of what you should be looking for when hiring professional painters:

Paint Job Done Right

Hiring the best painters means having outstanding service, time efficiency, and quality products. For example, while a do-it-yourself painting endeavor might go wrong, a professional will know how to paint crisp edges in difficult-to-reach areas. They can also tell when a wall requires an additional coat of paint and when it requires more priming before painting.

Guaranteed Customer Service

Experienced painters in Colorado Springs recognize that a paint job entails more than just painting. A reputable painting company will constantly strive to please its customers, and a satisfaction guarantee demonstrates that it is concerned about the quality of services offered. This matter will also make the client at ease and worry-free while searching for their ideal painters.

Client Reviews and Testimonies

When looking for local painters serving Colorado Springs, you should read online reviews and testimonies from the painting company’s past clients.

Real customer reviews are crucial for determining the quality of work you will receive, as most business sites enable viewers to upload photos. Therefore, considering photographs and written reviews in detail can help you select.

Company Resilience

Any project that comes its way will be handled better by a well-established and experienced company. For example, a painting company that has been operating for over a decade will know exactly how to manage even the most difficult paint jobs, but a newer company may cross paths with challenges that they are unfamiliar with.

Generate Estimated Costs

Before painting begins, a reputable company will always provide a cost estimate. Knowing what to expect in terms of cost is crucial, especially for commercial painting services. It is also good to compare rates amongst various painting companies so you know how much you should be paying for a service. Companies will match other painters’ estimates to win your project in many circumstances.

Quality Of Materials Used

To get the best results, a professional painter understands the value of utilizing high-quality materials. High-quality products are needed during priming and painting. TECC Painting, for instance, uses Sherwin Williams paint products because of their documented performance. A respectable painting company should never use knockoff brands of paints that are not designed for painting walls, ceilings, roofs, or floors. If a company uses low-quality materials, you may assume that their other services offered would be low-quality.

Expert Color Advice

You may not know what color will look best in your room, even if you know you need a paint refresh. Professional painters can gladly advise you on color choices, including how many coats of paint you need and which colors will look best in certain residential interior sections. For example, if your walls are dark and you want to convert them to a lighter hue, you will need more paint and more time. There are a variety of paint finishes to choose from, including matte and satin. Competent painters in Colorado Springs will clearly explain your choices in attaining your optimum project goals.

Painting Is Not All There Is

Professional painters are concerned with more than just getting paint on the walls. They will apply several coats of paint and ensure that the surface they are painting is fit for painting. Covering nail holes, sanding uneven areas of the wall, washing the wall of dust and debris, and priming the wall before painting are examples of this.

Tips For Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor in Colorado Springs

Painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to restore and boost the value of your property. A new coat of paint illuminates a space and gives the exterior a more polished aesthetic. Painting is a popular do-it-yourself project for most homeowners, but it could be more laborious than you are first likely to throw in. If you do not have enough time or expertise to paint your property yourself, you can always consider hiring a professional. Professional painters have the resources to complete a project accurately, on schedule, and under your financial plan.

Tip #1: Get Estimates from Local Painters in Colorado Springs

Painting companies do much more than applying paint to your walls. Hiring a professional is that they can do the task quickly and prepare and do a thorough cleanup afterward. When you hire a contractor, you may expect the following tasks:

  • Rearranging furniture to get access to the areas to be painted
  • Covering all parts that will not be painted
  • Filling up holes, leveling out the surface, removing potential coverings, mild sanding, and scraping away loose paint are all examples of surface preparation before painting.
  • Surface priming
  • Applying two coats of paint to the walls and ceiling
  • Painting your trim and molding
  • Retouching of missed sections
  • Cleaning and removing drop cloths
  • Final assessment with the site manager and the homeowner

Tip #2: Formulate A Plan

A plan written in detail will save you both time and money. Consider the following questions while developing your project:

Is this an interior or exterior task?

Some painting firms have separate crews for interior and exterior operations. In general, exterior painting is reliant on the weather. Therefore, if the painting day is rained out, you will need to be flexible with your schedule.

How many rooms need to be painted?

You will likely obtain a good cost if you need more than one room to be painted. However, sending out staff for a single room is not cost-effective so you may pay more for minor paintwork.

When do you want the painting to be completed?

Depending on where you live, exterior painting may only be possible in the spring and summer. In addition, adverse weather might cause a delay in your painting project.

How will it affect your schedule?

While the contractors are on the property, most trustworthy companies will request the homeowner or an adult to be present.

Tip #3: Look for Local Painting Contractors

It is the best time to look for contractors when you have decided on a plan. At the very least, a contractor should be licensed and insured. You might begin by conducting web research and reading reviews on companies. The ideal painting contractor will have many satisfied clients and strong expertise in painting operations.

Tip #4: Look for Recommendations

Most painting contractors are small, local businesses. Some companies merely paint, while TECC Painting provides drywall repair, drywall installation, trim and molding, and deck staining. Inspect your community boards or see whether your neighbors, friends, or relatives have previously hired painters. Personal recommendations are the most effective way to discover a good painting contractor.

Tip#5: Call Your Prospects

Most painting contractors are small, local businesses. Some companies merely paint, while TECC Painting provides drywall repair, drywall installation, trim and molding, and deck staining. Inspect your community boards or see whether your neighbors, friends, or relatives have previously hired painters. Personal recommendations are the most effective way to discover a good painting contractor.

In addition to web research and recommendations, it is best to conduct preliminary phone consultations with the contractors themselves.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Can you provide a few examples of similar tasks you have recently completed?
  • Who will be involved in the painting project?
  • Are you certified and insured?
  • Is the quote inclusive of the cost of paint?

Tip #6: Request Written Estimates

Get a free estimate with TECC Painting!

A representative from our company will conduct a site inspection to know the gravity of the work. And while you show us around your home or business, we can discuss whether interior or external surfaces need to be painted.
The estimate should contain the following:

  • Contact information
  • Overall cost, including taxes
  • Project scope
  • Paint needs
  • Project timeline
  • Terms of service

Although the job’s overall cost is important, it should not be the main deciding factor when picking a painting contractor. Instead, check the company’s expertise, proven record for completing tasks on time and budget, and customer reviews.

What Should You Expect from The Estimate?

Labor, schedule, materials, and paint are only some things that contractors may group collectively with the estimate.

To have a clearer picture of where your money will be spent, see if the painter can split the numbers. Ensure that the final estimate is accurate. You want it to specify precisely whatever you will be paying for and how long it is expected to take.

Do not let the project get halfway through, only to discover something is amiss or unclear from the estimate. Remember, it is always easier to address the estimate up front than to renegotiate your agreement later.

There are two types of costs given by painters: direct and indirect.

Understanding the distinction is fundamental.

Direct Costs

Depending on where you live and the type of paint you desire, these costs may vary significantly.

Areas with a higher cost of living, for instance, may expect to spend more on labor costs. Paint, labor, and fuel are the most common direct expenditures, particularly if you reside outside the painter’s primary location. These are the expenses that most people consider when creating a budget.

Indirect Costs

These are the expenses that are unrelated to your painting operation.

Indirect costs include the monthly payment for the equipment, work vehicle, overhead, and staff benefits. If they have one, indirect costs typically involve utilities and the rent for the contractor’s office. Support staff salaries, such as secretaries, are also included. Customers frequently overlook these charges until they receive the quotation. As a result, when the final bill is larger than planned, it is often due to the indirect costs.


Do you employ your employees or hire subcontractors?2022-06-07T11:57:59+00:00

We never hire subcontractors since we have our fully qualified full-time painting crew. A project manager will be with you from the beginning to the end of your project. A foreman is also always present to supervise the painting crew on the project site. Our reputation is essential; therefore, we undergo a rigorous new hire procedure that includes a complete background investigation and drug screening.

Why did my previous paint contractors give me varying estimates?2022-06-07T11:57:35+00:00

The degree of effort, attention to detail, and quality needed typically determines the cost of a service. For instance, effectively preparing a surface for painting is more expensive than just painting it with basic paint. We will be delighted to go over our calculations for your project in detail so that you can make an informed assessment of other offers.

What distinguishes a good paint job from a bad one?2022-06-07T11:57:07+00:00

A successful paint job requires extensive surface preparation. It also necessitates a thorough understanding of various painting styles and materials and the necessary expertise and commitment.

How do your rates compare to those of other contractors?2022-06-07T11:56:41+00:00

We all want to get the most value for our money. The best and lowest prices are seldom the same.

An inexpensive task might quickly become extremely expensive when you need to bring in another painter. However, this practice would only cost you far more than doing the work properly from the start.

When comparing similar preparations and processes as others, our costs are quite competitive since we know you will find us to be an exceptional value.

How are painting jobs scheduled?2022-06-07T11:56:07+00:00

We will schedule your project once you have approved a painter’s estimate. Tell your estimator if your project is time-sensitive during your consultation.
Exterior painting projects are planned based on weather and other conditions. On the other hand, interior painting projects do not have weather limits, so scheduling is easier and more flexible.
Our primary goal is to satisfy your demands by following the project timeframe and completion date.

How will my property be protected against unwanted paint?2022-06-07T11:55:36+00:00

As part of our preparation procedure, any non-paintable items and surfaces are covered with clean drop sheets or plastic sheets or relocated out of the area.

Final Word

Hiring the ideal painter will spare you a lot of time and money in the long run. The trick is to make sure you do your homework when looking at different painting services. Cost, schedule, and quality will always be weighted, so decide which is necessary to you.

If you have any other questions or concerns about hiring a professional painter, please let us know. We are always happy to help!

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