Power Washing

High heat and a pressured stream of water are used in power washing. This mechanical technique cleans the exterior of your home of dirt, mud, mildew, mold, and other impurities. However, the pressurized water can inflict significant bodily injury because of its fast speed and temperature discharge.

Pressure Washing

This method cleans with a forceful stream of water, but unlike power washing, it is not done at a high temperature. Therefore, it is unsafe for unskilled people to undertake on their own.

Soft Washing

This cleaning method is distinct from the other two. Instead of actively cleaning with a strong stream of water, this process uses chemicals through a black nozzle. This makes it ideal for areas that are often wet, like siding, textiles, sidewalks, decks, and other areas where color degradation or chipping is problematic. This is the safest choice for your home.