These are the two things that you need to consider before getting your floors coated:

Floor Condition

The first step in determining what to install on your garage floor or basement is to examine its current state. Older, fractured, or oil-stained concrete is a challenge for any paint, stain, or coating. To get them to bond effectively, you need to spend two days or more sweeping, pressure washing, acid etching, and patching before applying a drop of paint. If you are moving into a new house or pouring a new garage floor, wait 30 days before having it professionally painted or coated. And if your concrete floor is in dire straits, rubber matting, plastic tiles, or carpeting may be better.


The weather is the second most crucial factor. Warm temperatures and low humidity are required for paints, stains, sealants, and varnishes to dry successfully. If it is the wet, rainy season, it is preferable to wait for the sun than to watch your newly applied, multi-coat solution run off the floor.