Maintaining and replacing caulk in your home is a job that needs both skill and patience. The caulking contractors at TECC Painting can work on your house’s interior and exterior.

Inspect the Current Caulk

Our residential caulking services begin with an inspection of your property. It usually focuses on the main sections of the house where caulk is significant, like your windows. During the appointment, the contractors will assess your caulk for any issues. They also look for water damage or air leaks, as moisture might signify a serious problem, particularly in windows.

Remove the Old Caulk

Before applying fresh caulk, we must first remove the old one along with the masking tape if there is one. Then, the old caulk is removed using special solvents to make room for the fresh caulk. After removing the chipped or cracked caulk in your walls and windows, contractors will apply a fresh coating of caulk, including your entire window or window trim.

Determine the Best Caulk

There is a variety of caulk types for residential caulking services, each tailored for specialized functions, including those for your windows. These have varied applications and purposes, so only an experienced caulking contractor will know which caulk to use for your windows or walls.

Apply Caulk with a Caulk Gun

The final stage in the process involves determining the most appropriate caulking supplies. This includes everything from selecting the right caulking gun in your local hardware store to ensuring a proper caulk application. Contractors apply caulk properly with the appropriate tools and the correct caulk.