As one of the rated exterior house painters in Colorado Springs, we strive to provide you with the best service for your painting needs. Our step-by-step exterior house painting services include three processes.

Process 1 –Preparation

We remove any deteriorating and loose paint during this phase. We do this before cleaning the home to keep all stray paint chips contained.
We sand the sections exposed following paint removal completely to smooth out the edges and blend them into the house’s base. We then wash the property to eliminate any underlying filth and grime.

Process 2 – Prime and Seal

We mask off the windows, fixtures, and other features that need to be protected before spraying the primer layer on all surfaces that will be painted. After applying primer, we began repairing, caulking, and sealing.

These compounds are often applied after the primer to ensure that they have a solid, clean, and coated surface to attach to. Our primary objective is to not only seal portions of the house where water might enter but also produce a beautiful, rejuvenated surface to paint on.

Process 3 – Finish Coat

Of course, this is the most exciting part! We get to paint the house. Depending on the color placement plan and the surfaces to be painted, we employ various techniques. Our primary paint application method is airless spraying.

We employ brush and roll when we need to conduct finer work or when the time spent masking surpasses the time spent brushing and rolling. Spray application creates a smooth, uniform surface and applies paint at a volume comparable to two independent brush and roll applications.