There are three types of garage floor coatings: latex, water-based acrylic, and one-part epoxy. Sweeping, power washing with a degreaser, crack cleaning with a stiff brush, bonding glue on broken or missing concrete, and concrete patches are required. So, it all comes down to the convenience of use and durability.
Latex is the most inexpensive and covers the finest. Acrylics are costlier in value but do not provide as much coverage. And the one-part epoxy paint is the most expensive on the market.

The latex and acrylics are the easiest to use. However, thicker epoxy garage floors are more durable and will last years longer than even two or three layers of acrylic or latex paint, making it the best garage floor coating.

Other chemical-resistant garage floor alternatives, in addition to epoxy:

Concrete Stain

This provides a semi-transparent color to your garage floor coating, giving you depth and a personalized image.

Floor Paint

This is one of the cost-effective ways to add color to a concrete surface, like your garage floor or basement.


This is a UV-stable, scratch, and temperature-resistant garage floor coating with quick curing that benefits any surface.