We provide professional painting services in Colorado Springs and specialize in interior and exterior painting. Our focus is on providing painting services for residential and commercial properties. We offer exceptional customer service on every painting job. Our company has been in operation for almost 40 years, and we have won the trust of many residents.

TECC Painting takes pride in doing a high-quality job and going beyond that to guarantee that every customer is completely happy. We are licensed, and we only hire an experienced painting crew who pay close attention to detail. Best of all, we provide free estimates for our clients.

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These are a few of the most common inquiries for our residential and commercial painting services that we have received from our previous clients in Colorado Springs.

If you cannot find an answer to your query, feel free to contact us, and we will warmly assist you at the nearest time possible.


There are certain things to keep an eye out for.

When was the last time you had your house painted?

In the United States, the average time between paint jobs is seven years. Depending on your climate, this period tends to be true. The faster the coating deteriorates, the more sun exposure your home receives. And because of the salt in the air, the coating will erode more quickly if you live near the seaside.

Is your home looking a little worn out?

The film thickness will have degraded in most scenarios after the coating has faded. When this happens, the color will begin to peel or fade quickly. Unfortunately, this condition also renders it vulnerable to additional impurities such as rust or mold, depending on the surface material.

Is there any paint that has started to peel?

The material is no longer protected once the paint begins to flake. Depending on the substrate, wood rot or rust is inevitable. And aside from the evident roughness in appearance, the substrate will quickly degrade.

Unless you prefer polka dots or stripes, the quick answer is “no.”

In rare instances, contractors may charge more for extra colors over and beyond their regular allotment (typically three). Considering that changing colors and cleaning the equipment takes time, this fee is often warranted. Although this is true, it is only a significantly less time commitment.

To provide the longest-lasting finish, we apply two coats of paint to all surfaces; hence, coverage is not an issue. We will also apply two coats regardless of the color.

TECC Painting is a lead-certified professional painting contractor that can take care of painting your home efficiently and responsibly.

If your home tests positive for lead (we will test it during your estimate), it is vital that you follow the proper procedures to ensure the safety of your home renovations.

When it comes to pre-existing shutters, our standard procedure is to paint them while they are still attached to the house. We do this since most shutters in Colorado Springs are not fitted with the capacity to open and close.

There is a high chance of damaging pre-existing shutters while removing them. Therefore, we recommend leaving the shutters in place when painting your exterior. If you want to replace your shutters, you may pull down the old ones, paint them, and then install the new ones.

Warranties differ considerably based on the project and the painted substrate.

Synthetic wood surfaces, such as Hardiboard, compressed wood, and others, are the easiest to paint. Painting stucco surfaces is also rather simple. Surprisingly, real wood and pressure-treated wood are harder to work with, and the finishes do not stay as long.

To avoid cases of rotting, pressure-treated wood is treated with chemicals that stay in the wood for a long time. As the heat from the sun pulls these compounds out of the wood, they slowly leak out. When the sun takes the moisture from the wood, it forces the coating off, peeling the paint.

Dry wood is rarely utilized in new construction homes; peeling paint is typically only seen after a few years. Although less significant, similar difficulties exist with real wood, such as Cedar. And although it is better than pressure-treated wood, the natural oils in the wood are gradually sucked out, forcing the coating to peel.

Small flaws in the wood can allow water and other moisture to permeate the board, causing the paint to peel. Depending on the coating applied, we normally give a 5-year or 10-year service warranty with caveats for wet wood. A synthetic surface, such as the one mentioned above, will stand up well.

A site visit is considered necessary by our painting company to check the surfaces that the contractors will paint. This visit may not be essential for some minor works, but you should still meet with the contractor to discuss the project and get a sense of the painting company operating on your home.

Here is a short rundown of our industry’s standard procedures:

  • Discuss any concerns or queries you have.
  • Discuss the schedule for completing the project.
  • Evaluate your color choices.
  • Discuss the procedure thoroughly.
  • Determine when the estimate will be received if it is not finished by the deadline.
  • If necessary, establish payment options and arrangements.
  • Mention necessary demands for the homeowner to allow access to areas of the project, such as removing a camper or boat to enable access to the front door.
When selecting a painting contractor for residential services, liability insurance is the most important item to look for.

You will be covered if your property is damaged in this way. For more specific demands, you may consult your legal counsel

Yes, we paint interiors, including kitchen cabinets.
Yes, we paint home exteriors.
Contractors must patch up holes and blemishes in the walls.

To remove the previous paint, scrape, and sand any surfaces to be painted. But for uninformed homeowners, preparation is just as crucial as the painting procedure.

You can relocate tiny objects and fragile items to make room for interior painting. For example, you may wish to remove photos or mirrors from the wall, but only if you are confident in your ability to do so. We will relocate any big things we cannot work around and cover everything with plastic, tarps, and other protective materials.

You should move small items away from home for an exterior house painting, such as potted plants. If you have window-mounted air conditioners, you should bring them inside. If necessary, we can assist you. We will ask that you park away from your house and turn on the hose water for our usage.

Once we are through, we conduct a thorough cleanup and wipe down all surfaces involved.

However, paint particles and dust from the job will linger in the air for a few days. You may see it on horizontal surfaces such as floors, counters, railings, tables, toilets, etc. While we want to leave your house as clean as possible, any residential interior project will almost certainly require further wiping or vacuuming.

Please keep in mind that paint can take up to a day to completely dry. So, if you detect a grained feeling on any recently painted horizontal surfaces, it is probable that it has picked up some of those particles and may be readily cleaned with a wet cloth and water.


There are several advantages to hiring a professional to paint your business property or office.

Painting contractors guarantee that your workplace satisfies health standards, is properly prepped and cleaned up, has a professional finish, and is more time-efficient. Rather than dealing with ladders, hazardous fumes, and a filthy cleanup, call expert painters to complete the job promptly and effectively.

The duration of a project differs.

Depending on the size of the building, commercial painting projects might take up to a week longer than residential painting. We will always keep you updated on the status of the project. So, we will notify you whenever we believe the job will take longer than intended.

Interior painting services necessitate more particular expertise, and we are happy to provide only the finest for all of your painting needs.

As part of this service, we ensure that your furniture and belongings are treated with the highest care and protection while we work. In addition, your business will appear better than ever with our expertise in putting numerous colors next to one other and generating sharp cut lines. Because smudged lines between paints are unsightly, trust our crew to get it correctly the first time.

If your business’s exterior needs improvement, we can assist you!

A new design for your property’s exterior introduces extra curb appeal and interest while also making it appear professional and ready for anything that comes your way. In addition, after years of exposure to extreme weather, a new exterior paint job can fully offset deficiencies.

Not painting your business’s exterior can expose it to moisture penetration from the outdoors, resulting in peeling paint, rot, mold, and various other issues that can jeopardize your business. Since our team is ready to tackle your new exterior paint job and make your business seem brand new, put your anxieties to rest.

We offer staining, lacquer, and clear coat treatments if your wood project requires it.

Staining your wood deck or flooring helps keep the wood’s natural beauty while also protecting it from the extreme weather conditions in Colorado. The sun may degrade the color of your wood, and staining prevents it from splintering and breaking, exposing your wood structure to greater harm than when your previous contractor installed it.

Standard paint can chip and reveal the wood to danger sooner, needing more upkeep to keep your floor or deck looking beautiful.
Applying a stain or clear finish preserves the wood considerably longer than regular paint. In addition, we can safeguard your wood projects from the weather and wear and tear with our experienced crew, keeping your deck and flooring looking fresh.

Besides deck staining, our clients also enjoy garage doors and deck repair using quality products with quality work.

Different surfaces need different kinds of preparation.

We deliver professionalism and excellent work from the beginning of the job to the end; from precise cut lines to priming and spackling, we do everything we can to make your company seem its best. Before our best painters start painting, we mask everything on the flooring, furniture, and fixtures.

We have orange peel, knockdown, and hand textures among our drywall textures.

More than a flat surface, each texture provides additional drywall protection while adding individuality to your walls. In addition, each flaw may be painted over from fine speckling to spots and does not require as frequent touch-ups as a flat surface.

Hand textures, such as streaks or swirls, or Tuscan and Mediterranean textures, can also be added. Give your walls that extra layer of defense!

We also offer worry-free drywall repairs as part of our construction services.

The type of paint used in every commercial painting project is dependent on the project.

Oil-based paint paints are no longer widely available given the recent regulations. On the other hand, paint manufacturers have adapted and manufactured similar latex formulations to comply with the new rules.

A primer may be required on the prep work of the surface and meet manufacturer warranty conditions, depending on the quality and kind of substrate to be treated.
Most roofs, in general, can be coated.

However, due to the technique of previous repairs, the state of the substrate, or the kind of substrate, some may not be the greatest candidates for a commercial roof coating. Whether or not your roof is a suitable candidate for a restorative coating, you should ask your contractor.

While our experienced painters are certainly capable of painting your vinyl siding using a special product and specific colors, we do not encourage it.

The high UV rays in Colorado can penetrate the pigment of the paint used on vinyl siding, causing the material to distort and eventually deteriorate.

Sherwin Williams Paint and TECC Painting have a solid working relationship.

Our expert services guarantee that our professional painters will only paint your commercial property using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products. If you have a certain paint brand in mind, we would be pleased to share our insights and tell you if it is a suitable fit for your painting project.

Finding a good painting contractor is not simple, and you really should not make a conscious decision on cost alone. Calling TECC Painting, which has years of expertise serving Colorado Springs, is only one way to guarantee a positive painting experience.

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