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Professional Carpentry Services in Colorado Springs, CO

TECC Painting offers more than just interior and exterior painting services.

The key to a professional paint job lies in properly preparing your painting surface. The first step often includes carpentry services. Houses that have not been carefully maintained usually have rotten wood. This wood must be replaced before starting your painting project.

Wooden siding will often have rotting boards. As an old stain begins to fail, it will allow small traces of water to penetrate the wood. Over time, this will lead to the softening and eventual rot of siding and trim. It’s not enough to just power wash and sand these areas. You will need to do a full board replacement to correct the problem properly.

Properly prepping your painting surface is essential for a flawless paint job. Carpentry services are commonly used in the initial phase of siding repair.

Carpentry services are commonly used in the initial phase of siding repair. However, as rotten wood is typical in houses that have not been appropriately maintained, your contractor should replace this material before starting the painting process.

Decaying boards are usual in wood sidings. Small traces of water will permeate the wood when the old stain begins to degrade. This causes siding and trim to erode and eventually collapse. Power washing and sanding these sections isn’t enough. And to effectively solve the problem, you’ll need to replace the entire board.

The siding pro must also fill woodpecker holes in wood-sided dwellings since woodpeckers leave small holes in your home exterior, allowing water and moisture to get in.

Whether you require carpentry services indoors or out, the highly qualified carpentry staff from TECC Painting in Colorado Springs will take every precaution to provide quality work for your pre-paint treatment.

Our carpentry services include the following:

  • Woodwork
  • Wood staining
  • Drywall repair
  • Baseboard installation
  • Crown molding installation
  • Decorative molding installation
  • Wainscoting installation
  • Board and batten trim installation
  • Damaged wood replacement

TECC Painting is here to help you meet your home project ideals!

Our staff is comprised of expert carpenters proficient in repair and replacement. We can repair any damaged or moldy wood in your home, restore its original form, or even take it further.

Interior Carpentry and Repair Services

When working in a finished home or business setting, you must consider several factors. First, identifying the cutting area is the most critical aspect of any interior carpentry project. Your contractor must establish this phase to schedule the number of days a contractor may cause a client disruption in their daily activities. Another thing to keep in mind when installing wood moldings or wainscoting is that it blends in with the existing decor.

These are the interior carpentry services that we offer:

Custom Trim

Other unique trim packages for an existing structure include mantels, bookcases, built-in TV cabinets, and window seats.
When selecting a custom trim design, research can help you save time and money.

The carpenter will be able to provide more precise pricing if you provide pictures of what you want to be made.

More intricate projects involve the use of drawings and measurements. Depending on the size and complexity of the work, this may need to be done on-site in some situations. Some may be necessary to be built in the shop as well.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a type of molding that is usually made up of one piece that is 3′′ to 6′′ wide. Other crown molding options include two-piece crown molding with varied widths. Crown molding adds complexity to a room, defines wall space, and draws attention to the trim and wall colors. Our services include roof repair and roof replacement using top-grade roofing materials.

Doors and Casing

Replacing doors and casings is a simple method to update an older house. The baseboard on the wall with the door may also have to be changed or altered to match the new door and casing when replacing the entire door and casing. Other than the regularly used six-panel doors, there are various options.

Interior Wood Siding

We may install wood siding on existing walls in two methods.

A direct installation of the siding onto an existing sheetrock wall is the most cost-effective option. But because it can’t go beyond the depth of the existing door casings, baseboards, or window casings, this application will restrict you to the thickness of the wood. With thinner items and cheap materials, you’ll also be constrained in intricacy.

The second and most efficient method is to remove the trim and sheetrock in the sections where you want the siding, then install the siding, followed by window, door, and base moldings. For either purpose, you might require an electrician to alter the position of your outlets.

Exterior Carpentry and Repair Services

Maintaining the appearance of your home’s exterior features and fittings is a consistent management experience. The best way to meet this duty is to hire a fully licensed and specially trained carpenter.

Our carpentry repair pros at TECC Painting are happy to guide you with maximum effort to make an informed decision. Our team accomplishes anything from refinishing wood decks to the most complex exterior carpentry chores. Rest assured that every fixture outside your house will look its finest after our services!

Get a confidently finished exterior carpentry for your home!

TECC Painting takes your vision to reality.

Whether you require repair or minor custom carpentry built to improve your home, we guarantee that your property is safeguarded.

When your home’s exterior woodwork has flaws, it can cause many problems that jeopardize your home’s health, aesthetics, and value.

Construction faults occur, and shoddy work may lead to several problems, including water leakage through the structural frame, leading to mold formation. Fractures in foundations or walls, dry rotting of wood, electrical and mechanical issues, plumbing leaks, or insect infestation are many other concerns.

Exterior Carpentry Services


Siding that has been damaged must be repaired or replaced. The severity of the damage will determine our best course of action.

Door and window frame repairs

TECC Painting can repair everything from wood rot to leaky doors and windows to warped frames and corroded hinges.


When squirrels or birds construct nests under eaves, they may cause serious harm. To avoid further problems, this damage must be addressed promptly.

Soffit and Fascia

The outside soffit is positioned beneath the rafter tails on the span, whereas the fascia is the exposed horizontal strip at the rafters’ ends. These architectural components in the eave area do more than provide visual appeal and give your home a polished appearance. Fascia finishes your roof by covering the soffit. When one of these parts of your house has been damaged, you will want the services of a skilled carpenter like TECC Painting to repair them successfully.

High-Quality Carpentry Repair Services from TECC Painting

You talk. We listen.

Because they save time and money, our clients appreciate our quality workmanship, consistency, and readiness to undertake carpentry repairs in Colorado Springs. We also train tirelessly to be accountable for the quality of your property, keeping the job site clutter-free throughout the project.

So, whether you’re building a new home, upgrading your existing one, or have experienced damage from inclement weather, Colorado Springs carpentry from the TECC Painting team is here for you!

Our carpentry and siding pros are happy to guide you in selecting the suitable material for your personal needs, objectives, and house setup. Since we consider your house the cornerstone of your life, we know that excellent reliability is essential for such a significant investment. You’ve come to the best place if you’re browsing for a siding contractor you can rely on.

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