And if you are wondering whether the added benefit of applying a fresh coat of paint to your exterior is worth the cost, the answer is YES.



1. Damage Repair

Professional painters will examine other more significant problems you might not have spotted when painting exterior surfaces.

For instance, the routine painting will highlight issues on your walls before they become visible. However, mold, mildew, decaying wood, and water stains will start to eat away at them over time.

The best part is that pros do something about the damages that require repairs or replacements after it has occurred. Additionally, these damages will not resurface if handled by a competent professional.

2. Increase Curb Appeal

Everyone wants their house to be a reflection of who they are and to reflect their visual identity.

Maintaining a striking exterior is the greatest method to do this and establish a first impression that will last. And the very first step toward achieving an outstanding curb appeal is an excellent professional exterior paint job.

Choosing a color that complements the appearance of your home and blends well with the landscape on your property is a plus. However, you may also check at surrounding residences to be sure your paint is not all that similar in tone or competes with theirs.

3. Additional Protection

A new exterior home painting work does more than make your property appear inviting. It offers a layer of defense against various factors, including weather damage, dust, and insects.

This investment will help you avoid paying much more for exterior house painting in the years ahead.



Several homeowners try painting one or two rooms on an as-needed basis. Some people would even consider painting the whole interior. While there are many factors to remember, exterior painting services present much more complexities than only expert painters can handle.

1. Home Preparation

It may take between 30 to 80 hours to prepare an average 3,000 square-foot property for the official exterior painting process. In certain cases, this entails sanding the wood, caulking the stucco, repairing the brick, taping the siding, and even replacing damaged wood after unsuccessful paintwork on exterior surfaces.

A regular homeowner may only be able to dedicate their weekend time to an exterior house painting project that necessitates full daytime hours. For example, you would need between 4 to 10 days to prepare the house if you worked 8 hours each day on both Saturday and Sunday. On weekends, that equates to 2 weeks to 2 months before you may begin the exterior painting.

Professional painters know that prepping the painting surface is a crucial step in the procedure. And to ensure that your fresh coat of paint sticks smoothly and endures several weather elements, exterior house painters will devote the time and effort necessary to clean and prepare the surfaces.

2. Top-notch Materials

If you visited your neighborhood big box home improvement store, you might have observed that they often have different versions of each item and material. Homeowners preoccupied with the costs of a one-time paint job may choose materials of lower or moderate quality. But to achieve the highest quality results possible, pros who rely on their craft for a job will always make investments in the best materials.

On the other hand, if a professional wants the task to go well and leave the homeowner nothing but admiring their work, they will only settle for the top-notch materials, whether they are brushes, rollers, or ladders, or even caulk and paint.

3. Expertise and Meticulous Workmanship

Choosing a professional painter for a significant undertaking like painting a house’s exterior gives you some assurance that they will do the work successfully. The experienced exterior house painters at TECC Painting have specific expertise in outdoor paint projects that intend to withstand the ups and downs of all weather conditions. Furthermore, exterior painters pay attention to more specific details than the average homeowner would be willing to fight.

4. Finish in Record Time

An average homeowner almost universally underestimates the time needed to complete an exterior house painting project. So, to complete the job, they typically put in the least effort to follow the schedule.

Except for unforeseen events like the cold weather or other weather-related delays, an exterior painting contractor will be able to finish the project within the given plan. TECC Painting’s experienced team showcases their expertise, allowing them to estimate jobs precisely since their performance ultimately depends on providing homeowners with an excellent job.

5. Zero Cleanup

You will not have to bother about the cleanup process after the exterior painting; this should be enough to persuade you to hire a professional painter if you are still hesitant about it. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to consider the amount of work needed to clean afterward, whether it be cleansing your brushes every night, securing your ladders, preserving your paint cans, or scrubbing your painter’s clothes.

Also, remember that you must clean all your rollers, brushes, and other tools every time you finish using them for the day. You can expect the home improvement project to be a resounding victory once you eliminate this headache.

6. Paint Job Safety

Are you equipped with a ladder big enough to reach the heights of your exterior walls if you live in a typical two-story home or a three-story one with a walk-out basement? What happens if you require new wood trim or overhanging pieces?

These jobs frequently call for two workers or more. Are you ready to risk falling from your roof to paint your facia boards? You cannot skip this process despite making up only 10% of the paintwork.

Leaks typically occur in these areas along the roof’s borders because of a poorly done exterior house painting. When it comes to safety, you may opt to request a copy of an insurance certificate from a professional painter when you hire them.

7. Save Time and Money

Self-painting your home’s exterior walls would save you significant time when you factor in all the processes required. Getting exterior house painting services will finish your exterior paintwork faster than any average homeowner could.

Your external home paint project will also be completed to the highest standard, considering that experienced painters have all the necessary equipment, know which high-quality paints to use, and are knowledgeable about prep and painting processes that adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. So, in the long run, it will cost you less since it will last longer and better protect your home.


TECC Painting lives to bring our client’s desires into life.

With decades of expertise working for residential managers in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO, TECC Painting is one of the state’s best locally owned painting contractors.

While the positive reviews speak for themselves on how we value customer satisfaction, we are more than capable of painting your home’s exteriors thanks to our competitive rates, lightning-quick turnaround times, and first-rate service and support.

Get a free estimate for your next exterior house painting project when you contact TECC Painting today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The mixture of the paint has a variety of properties. You may clean interior paints with common household objects like clothing because it withstands regular scrubbing and stains. On the other hand, apart from different weather conditions, exterior paints are designed to resist fading and mildew.

It is not advisable to apply interior paint to exterior walls. Exterior paint includes characteristics that enable it to withstand weather conditions even if it looks the same as interior paint. Also, any interior paint does not offer the right level of protection for outdoor surfaces.

The best time to paint the exterior of your house is in the early summer or early fall. This answer is due to the lack of precipitation and the low night-to-day temperature difference.

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