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Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Colorado Springs

Popcorn ceilings were popular once upon a time. But unfortunately, this is an out-of-date hazard that most homeowners of today request to be removed from their entire house. So, launch your home improvement project and learn through our ultimate popcorn ceiling removal guide!

The Removal Process

Test for Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material derived from rock and soil. However, it may cause significant health concerns such as lung cancer and asbestosis if inhaled. Even though the Clean Air Act of 1978 prohibited its use in the country, asbestos is still present in homes built from the 1950s to the 1970s. So, if you choose to own an older house, get your ceiling tested by a reliable company for asbestos before entering the removal procedure.

Hire a Drywall Professional

If your popcorn ceiling has tested negative for asbestos, that is your chance to ditch that obsolete design! Hiring a team of popcorn ceiling removal contractors is one of your remarkable strategies for removing the popcorn ceiling in your home. Drywall contractors are not only knowledgeable about ceilings, but they also have the necessary abilities, expertise, and equipment to perform the job correctly. A drywall professional may also install a new texture to your ceiling for additional costs.

Get a Professional Painter

Following the popcorn ceiling removal, meeting with a professional painter is imperative. Working with skilled painters to create a personalized tone or style for your ceiling will increase the value of your property if you are planning to sell it, along with good advertising for a positive review.

Benefits of Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Find pros who can remove popcorn ceiling for various reasons, including beautification, remodeling, and preparing your house for sale. Hiring a professional popcorn ceiling removal contractor is the best option to ensure that you achieve any of those.

Here are a few of the benefits that they can provide:

Avoid Damaging Your Ceiling

Behind your popcorn ceiling is most likely drywall. Removing the popcorn material on top might easily cause harm to the drywall. Scraping the ceiling is risky and harming it may make the painting procedure much more difficult. A pro can quickly get this job done under complete control.

Less Labor on Your Part

Popcorn removal can take any time, from a few hours to several days, based on the scale of your ceiling. It can account for a lot of energy to stand on a ladder for long periods while pressing yourself upward. Getting a professional popcorn removal service is the only way to go if you are not interested in committing to a labor-intensive, time-consuming activity like this.

Use Best Equipment for The Job

It is a waste of money to purchase tools at a high price that you will only use once. Hiring a professional who already has the necessary equipment and perhaps the most effective ones is more practical. Moreover, because they have done it so many times already, a professional knows the appropriate approach to develop a strategy regarding popcorn removal.

Avoid Exposure to Toxic Contaminants

You will be able to avoid harmful contact with the hazardous substances in your ceiling, aside from the dust from the popcorn itself and the dirt that has accumulated on the ceiling since you moved in. Before any repair, a professional will be able to conduct a test on your ceiling. This allows you and the professional to fill the required safeguards to minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals and ceiling material.

How to Prepare Your Home

Clear Out the Area

Popcorn ceiling removal can be nasty because of the amount of debris that must be removed off the surface. Even when a dustless popcorn ceiling removal method is excellent, some rubbish will fall. You should remove any objects from the room ahead of time to protect your valuables. Moveable furniture, hanging art, accents, screens, and other items fall in this category.

Cover Fixed Features

Naturally, you cannot move everything in the room. Heavy goods and fixed features must remain in place, such as shelving units, ceiling fans, and lighting. Cover or wrap them in plastic or cloth that will not easily come off to protect these items.

Protect Your Floors

During this procedure, it is helpful to protect your flooring from falling debris, especially carpets, which may absorb a lot of dust from the ceiling. Lay down sturdy drop cloths throughout the room to cover every inch of your flooring in preparation for interior painting. You or your contractors must carefully remove these covers and dispose of any accumulated debris when the job is done.

Ensure Safety and Precaution

Because there will be so much dust and debris flying about during popcorn ceiling removal, the more you can do to clear the air and protect your lungs and skin, the better. If the weather permits, the popcorn ceiling removal professional may advise you to open doors and windows to promote ventilation. Nevertheless, these experts will carry the necessary PPE to the site, including protective gloves, face masks/shields, safety goggles, ventilators, head coverings, etc.

DIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal

While it is feasible to remove popcorn ceilings on your own, it is a nasty and time-consuming operation that most people seem to ignore.

You will not get the smooth ceiling you desire if you do not have the proper tools, such as high-quality sanders. If you are not cautious, you may also brush your primer and paint in places you did not intend to have painted, like your walls. Likewise, if you do not exercise sound judgment, this may cost you your drywall.

Saving money by completing a work yourself is always thrilling. But if you are not confident in attempting this job on your own and dealing with all of the potential pitfalls, a licensed professional can get the task accomplished.

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