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The exteriors of your home can become worn by rain, heat, or cold over time, causing damage and accumulating grime, stains, and even moss and dirt.

When this happens, pressure washing services can effectively remove the buildup and improve the aesthetic and functionality of your exterior surface.

TECC Painting’s professional pressure washing services have access to high-quality equipment that ensures safe and efficient cleaning. Our experts also know which cleaning products to use and how much pressure to apply to clean and avoid streaking nearby plants like tree sap, windows, and the overall outer surface like a brick wall.

Even though pressure washing appears to be a simple procedure, it demands specialized equipment and quality of training that is only given to an expert power washer. Therefore, pressure washing services are beneficial for homeowners who do not have the hours or days to devote to removing tough stains, grass stains, lead paint, and even detergent residue in an extremely dirty home exterior wall.



Residential pressure washing at TECC Painting are the best bet for Colorado locals due to their ability to make your home clean and beautiful.

Let us be the contractor you rely on to keep your home looking its best!

Serving Colorado Springs and Castle Rock for 40 years, we offer meticulous craftsmanship and a professional relationship worth keeping.

TECC Painting has completed countless projects for residential managers and owners in the Colorado Springs area in the past few years. Our previous clients can vouch for our quality performance and attention to detail. We take pleasure in offering superior customer service, free estimates, and consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power Washing

High heat and a pressured stream of water are used in power washing. This mechanical technique cleans the exterior of your home of dirt, mud, mildew, mold, and other impurities. However, the pressurized water can inflict significant bodily injury because of its fast speed and temperature discharge.

Pressure Washing

This method cleans with a forceful stream of water, but unlike power washing, it is not done at a high temperature. Therefore, it is unsafe for unskilled people to undertake on their own.

Soft Washing

This cleaning method is distinct from the other two. Instead of actively cleaning with a strong stream of water, this process uses chemicals through a black nozzle. This makes it ideal for areas that are often wet, like siding, textiles, sidewalks, decks, and other areas where color degradation or chipping is problematic. This is the safest choice for your home.

A pressure washer is simply a water pump driven by an electric motor. The washer gets its water from a faucet, while the pump increases the pressure of the water and then squirts it out a hose at fast speed through a trigger pistol.

The following are the common parts of a pressure washer:

Water Inlet

The pressure washer is connected to the main water supply through a hose. A filter in the inlet prevents dirt and debris from entering the washer and clogging the system. Little bits of grit is the last thing you want inside your washer because they may come blasting out of the other end at top speed.

Water Pump

This is similar to a hand-operated ground-water pump. It is powered by an electric motor or gas engine rather than your hand. Whenever the engine pulls the pump on one side, water is sucked in from the faucet.

When the engine pushes the pump to another side, water is sprayed out in a high-pressure jet. Pumps are built to handle 4–8 liters of water per minute.

High-Pressure Hose

The tube extends from the washer to whichever cleaning attachment you have chosen. A regular piece of tubing would not be able to withstand the enormous pressure of the water pouring through the nozzle. The high-pressure hose comprises two or more layers of high-density polyethylene and is reinforced with wire mesh.

Cleaning Attachment

It usually depends on what you want to be cleaned, pressure washers can use a basic trigger gun, a spinning wand spray, or a revolving brush to scrub your drive or any inconspicuous area. The water pressure flowing through powered attachments propels them.

Damage Control

You can prevent permanent damage to your property by hiring a professional pressure washer. However, it is wiser if you can put any worries you have to rest with the support of a pro with years of expertise who can help you in using a pressure washer.

Safety Concerns

Loss of control of the apparatus might result in unforeseen harm. This might result in long-term health problems that you could have prevented.

Hiring a professional removes the risk of personal harm while protecting your house from any damage. A professional pressure washer follows power wash rules that shift the risk away from you.

Time Restrictions

The job is strenuous. Operating the equipment over portions of the space takes a lot of time.

Hiring a professional residential pressure washing in Colorado Springs is recommended if you do not have the time. They will have more significant expertise and experience and time-saving equipment and staff to come in and deliver the project.

Hiring an expert allows you to spend more time with family or friends and less time straining your back while attempting to accomplish a task independently.

Pressure Wash Equipment

Hiring a pressure washer contractor avoids the hassle of researching, renting, or purchasing tools. However, pressure wash equipment is expensive, so it is best to hire someone who already has the right tools and knows how to use them.

Zero Expertise

This is not a chore that homeowners with no expertise should attempt alone. On the contrary, it is time-consuming and laborious, upsetting you if your expectations do not match reality.

Knowing how much pressure to apply, the spray pattern to use on certain spots, or what sort of cleaning solutions to use will help make the work go more smoothly. However, relying on pros with knowledge and expertise is preferable if you do not have the essential technical skills.

House Cleaning

Using detergent and a pressure washer with a low-pressure setting in the nozzle, we will clean the exterior of your property! This is helpful to maintain breaks the break or cracks in your house that allow moisture damage.

Roof Cleaning

Our expert contractors will remove dirt and the black algae streaks with low pressure to save your brick home roofing. This job entails using a low-pressure nozzle to eliminate those algae that chip away at the damaged brick that your roof tiles are made of.

Surface Washing

This service removes stains and mold from brick walls, decks, doors, windows, and other surfaces accumulated dust and filth in your brick house.

Restoration of Pavers

This removes old sand, weeds, and algae from the site. The joints are filled with polymeric jointing sand, which maintains the bricks in place while preventing weed growth in small sections. The algae are then sealed to improve the look and prevent it from returning.

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