What You Need to Know Before Painting Your Building

Commercial real estate has one of the largest markets in the United States. New exterior paint is refreshing and helps you stand out from other contenders. With all of these positives, it is no wonder a company would like a fresh paint job.Request A Free Consultation

Building painting is no easy feat. It requires preparation that is often skipped or forgotten. Not only that, but post-painting actions determine whether your paint job was worth it.

Are you wondering what you should know before painting a building? Are you wondering whether it is better to paint DIY or hire professionals? Continue reading so you can learn the ins and outs of exterior building painting!

Building Painting Fundamentals

Before you start painting a building, you should know about the building. For instance, take into consideration how old it is. An older building is likely to have asbestos or lead-containing materials. Though these lie dormant most of the time, when the paint is peeled, the chemicals may release.

You can easily have an inspector come in to check if your building has these toxic materials. If you find that your building does, it is better to hire a professional painter who will reduce risks.

Other factors you should take into consideration are your budget, color scheme, and house square footage. Having this information readily available will prevent mistakes or mishaps. Contacting an expert painting services company is another way to ensure your exterior paint comes out flawless.

DIY or Hire Professionals?

Doing things DIY is a trend that never dies. However, when it comes to wanting a stellar paint job, you may want to opt out of DIY-ing this one. Painting a building is an extensive job, especially exterior painting. You will need expensive supplies, organizational skills, and patience. If not, the painting procedure is a pain.

High-quality paint companies, such as TECC Painting, have professionals who will take the load off your back. These painters have advanced training and provide nothing but flawless craftsmanship. For instance, TECC Painting is EPA-certified and has some of the best painters in Colorado Springs.

Paint companies often do more than a simple job. They also help with wall repairs so your paint job looks flawless. TECC Painting goes above and beyond by offering endless commercial services.

Make sure you know the painter’s schedule once you hire them. There is no time to waste, especially when an upgrade is desperately needed!

Things to Know Before Exterior Building Painting

Now that you know the fundamentals, it’s time to test your knowledge. Here are a few things you should know before you put the paintbrush on the wall:

Know the Effects of Weather

Moisture is your biggest enemy when it comes to the painting procedure. Paint dries much slower when humidity levels are high. If you are stuck painting on a humid day, ensure you are extending your drying times so you do not ruin your paint job.

Avoid painting on wet walls at all costs; do not paint on rainy days. Your paint job could wash away as a result. Avoid extremely sunny days as well; heat causes ripples and waves in dry paint.

Exterior latex paint can be applied within a temperature range of 35 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit without any issues. However, it is generally recommended to avoid applying paint when the temperature falls below 40 degrees and is on the rise.

Painting in very cold conditions can cause the paint to freeze, and also result in surfactant leaching, which can leave unsightly marks on the surface. On the other hand, painting when it’s too hot can cause the paint to blister or bubble, as the heat causes the paint to dry too quickly. Therefore, it’s important to consider the temperature and weather conditions before applying paint to ensure the best possible results.

Scrape Off Loose Paint

It is tempting to paint over old paint, but you must check the paint for looseness, ripples, or waves. This will easily transfer into your new paint job if you are not careful.

Be cautious about scraping off loose paint if you have an old building. This could release toxic chemicals such as lead. Have your local paint company come in and do this for you instead.

Do Preparation

Proper preparation is what makes or breaks your paint job. If you do not prep, you are risking a sloppy and unsatisfying remodel. That is why you should always be patient and trust the process.

The first step in preparation is cleaning your walls, taping outlets, and placing down tarps. This ensures your area stays clean and proper. You do not want paint getting in places you do not want it to be.

More difficult prep includes waterproofing and patching holes (caulking). This can easily go wrong if you do not have experience. You will end up making the wall look worse if you are not familiar with sealants. Instead, contact your local painter’s company that has experience with caulking, concrete repairs, and wood repairs, such as TECC Painting.

Make sure you apply the appropriate surface primer. Primer helps with color evenness and covers tone imperfections. Applying the primer needs to be done before you caulk. Once you have prepped properly, you are ready to paint!

Create Drying Time

Most painting mistakes happen during dry times. You are able to see the final product and, coincidentally, any mistake you made. Make sure you have a proper drying time and do not rush the process. Moving furniture back against a painted wall that is not done drying can destroy your hard work.

Drying time depends on the weather and the type of paint. Acrylic-based paint dries the fastest, while oil-based paint dries the slowest. Acrylic paint lasts the longest and is very durable.Request A Free Consultation

It’s Time To Paint Your Building!

There is nothing more refreshing than a fresh new coat of paint on your painting. It gives your building a fresh feeling that cannot be replaced. If you are doing proper research, exterior building painting is a fun project.

However, nothing is better than leaving it to the professionals. You are able to sit back, relax, and watch your new building come to life.

TECC Painting is known for its stellar work as a high-quality professional paint company. Request a free consultation so your building can get a flawless upgrade.

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